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about aviante health and wellness center®

Aviante Health and Wellness Center® (AHWC) provides integrated complementary care programs for people who are experiencing a variety of ailments. AHWC was created to encourage a holistic, healing approach to health care, including healthful self-care, healthful nutrition, vitamins, supplements and an introduction to the foundations of healing. Personal choice and autonomy are encouraged, supported and honored and participants are encouraged to play an active role in their own treatment choices and recovery program.
AHWC's programs includes nutritional and lifestyle counseling, mind-body awareness, an introduction to healing modalities, as well as information about and medical supervision of vitamins, supplements and safe complementary medical therapies, which have a record of enhancing the healing process. All aspects of AHWC's programs are complementary in nature, designed to be safely integrated with conventional treatments to complement and enhance their effectiveness.