Aviante Quantum Biofeedback


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How The LIFE System Works

Information exchange is available via the harness system attached to the forehead, ankles and wrists. The harnesses are made of carbon impregnated rubber, which allows for very low- current electrical communication through the computers USB port and a multi-functional interface box.

During the testing/assessment phase, a client’s reaction is measured in response to nearly 7,000 separate items in 39 separate categories. This process takes approximately 4 to 7 minutes depending upon the speed of the computer. The computer calculates an average value of response between 0 and 2000, which results in a list defining the individual’s reactions or stress potentials. The greatest energy disturbances will be recorded and displayed at the top of the list. Each substance has its own distinctive, complex waveform, which is graphically viewed and represented by a unique fractal image. Additionally, the test matrix contains a detailed description of each substance.

Also, since the LIFE System works at the quantum level, sessions can be conducted at a distance when the client's picture is used.  The client can be resting in the comfort of his or her home, when the session is being conducted.