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About Us

From health and wellness modalities and health coaching to hypnotherapy, reflexology, and professional massage therapists, Aviante Health and Wellness Center® is dedicated to providing the highest levels of holistic medicine and healing to each patient. Our wellness center in Thousand Oaks, California, brings mind, body, and soul together in order to improve the natural healing functions of every person. We understand that each individual has needs that are important for their journey to health so we are committed to allowing choice in each step of the process. 

Aviante's programs include nutritional and lifestyle counseling, mind-body awareness, an introduction to healing modalities, as well as information about, and support of, vitamins, supplements and safe complementary therapies, which have a record of enhancing the healing process. All aspects of Aviante's programs are complementary in nature and designed to be safely integrated with conventional treatments to complement and enhance their effectiveness.